Monday, July 7, 2008

VARN Industries: Supplemental Material

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VARN Industries: Supplemental Material
"This is the follow-up EP to Volume VI: Original Material, which was a covers album. The tracks here are all the non-cover tracks recorded during that same time. Track 3 was recorded with a sampler my friend Bluesteeze had just given me. Track 6 is the last track Masterminded DJ recorded before going to prison. This album was recorded during a very dark period in my life, followed by months of no musical output at all. Does it show?"

01. VARN Industries - El Vlaje Misterioso De Nuestro MAN3 y Batrick y DJ Kryp-E
02. VARN Industries - Dog-Warriors (Trippin' Glitch Shit)
03. VARN Industries - Help Me With My First Song
04. VARN Industries - Albert Hoffman's Problem Child
05. VARN Industries - Wong Bang Bang
06. VARN Industries - Pink Elephant's On Parade (Masterminded DJ Remix)
07. VARN Industries - And Its You
08. VARN Industries - Beat For T5
09. VARN Industries - Blue And MAN3 Smoke Salvia

El Vlaje Misterioso De Nuestro MAN3 y Batrick y DJ Kryp-E [music: MAN3, Batrick] additional programming: Batrick; additional musical inspiration: DJ Kryp-E . Dog-Warriors (Trippin' Glitch Shit) [lyrics: MAN3, Batrick] additional vocals: Batrick; remix: MAN3. Help Me With My First Song [music: MAN3] . Albert Hoffman's Problem Child [music: MAN3] . Wong Bang Bang [music: MAN3] . Pink Elephants On Parade (Masterminded DJ Remix) [lyrics: N. Washington/music: O. Wallace] remix: Masterminded DJ . And Its You [lyrics: Lucipurr/music: MAN3] vocals: Lucipurr . Beat For T5 [music: MAN3] . Blue And MAN3 Smoke Salvia [lyrics and music: MAN3, Bluesteeze] vocals, shaker, recorder: Bluesteeze .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Hidden River Townhouse, Tampa / Art direction and design by MAN3 / Thank you: my daughter Lilith, family, Batrick, Bluesteeze, DJ Kryp-E, Lucipurr, Masterminded DJ, Andrew Liles, DJ Shadow, Hallucinogen, Jakalope, cEvin Key, The RZA, Shpongle, Tvitkh, Unkle, YouTube Poops / Original version of "Untitledgangsta2ci" appears on the Batrick's Spy Kit album Songs For The Ambulance Bay / VARN Catalog Number: 0601 /

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