Monday, July 7, 2008

VARN Industries: East Central Stairs

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VARN Industries: East Central Stairs

"This third and final EP to Volume VII was recorded over the first few weeks of June. Imagine two paths leaving from a village through some woods. They now intersect again here at an abandoned hospital. Still using my brother's keyboard a little here, but in a completely different way than on Medium Tackle Box. Jake once again guests on a track, this time the first track. The second track is a Batrick's Spy Kit remix of a track from the previous EP. The third track features audio from a porn filmed in Bangkok and the fourth features samples from the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Desert" and the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Strange New Worlds." Both episodes have main characters tripping balls. The final track was completely created by my daughter Lilith, who's five."

01. VARN Industries - Direction Of Emergency Exit
02. VARN Industries - Spontaneous Deification (Batrick's Spy Kit Remix)
03. VARN Industries - Spray Tan Party
04. VARN Industries - Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
05. VARN Industries - Lilith Made This (Age 5)

Direction Of Emergency Exit [music: MAN3, Jake] additional keyboard: Jake . Spontaneous Deification (Batrick's Spy Kit Remix) [music: MAN3] remix: Batrick . Spray Tan Party [music: MAN3] . Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki [music: MAN3] . Lilith Made This (Age 5) [lyrics and music: Lilith] vocals, keyboard: Lilith .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Sailwinds, Tampa / Thank you: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Batrick, Jake, Avatar: The Last Earthbender, Alec Empire, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Gnarkill, Bogdan Raczynski, Star Trek: Enterprise / VARN Catalogue Number: 0703 /

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