Monday, July 14, 2008

Tvitkh: Lonely Company

image by Angela

Tvitkh: Lonely Company
This is the eight Tvitkh album, recorded in 2007.

"ive gone back to using a bit of glitch software & also making it as annoyingly repeaditive as possible, trying to get back to an older sound."

01. Tvitkh - Soil
02. Tvitkh - Dilate
03. Tvitkh - evitageN
04. Tvitkh - The Guilt Trip
05. Tvitkh - (Tick Tock (Beverly Hills Cop))
06. Tvitkh - The Last Stop
07. Tvitkh - etaidaR
08. Tvitkh - Persevere
09. Tvitkh - Spoil

written by Tvitkh, except track 5 [music: H. Faltermeyer]

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Promotional Artwork by Tvitkh.
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front cover

reverse cover

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