Monday, July 7, 2008

Underground Pipe Labyrinth: St. Anthony's Fire

image by Angela

Underground Pipe Labyrinth: St. Anthony's Fire
"This is Underground Pipe Labyrinth's second album, St. Anthony's Fire. Aside from the first and last track, everything on this album was recorded live by Skunky and I down in the pipes on 05-15-07. We split a Heineken mini-keg and about a half-ounce down that night before and during the recording of this. I don't really know how to describe it, but I know you will either love it or hate it. Basically, two very inebriated guys recording psycho-organic folk in a makeshift studio about a quarter mile down a storm drain and about ten feet below the ground..."

01. Underground Pipe Labyrinth - Harley Davidson Trip Balls
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - Pic02101, pt. 2
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - Concerto In LSD Minor
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - Return Of The Midget People
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - St. Anthony's Fire
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - Three Little Birds
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - The Beautiful People
Underground Pipe Labyrinth - What's The Deal

Harley Davidson Trip Balls [lyrics: Skunky/music: MAN3] vocals, dishwasher, text-to-speech manipulation, concrete percussion, clapping, stomping: Skunky; programming, samples, concrete percussion, clapping, stomping: MAN3; guitar: Batrick; background voices: Batrick, Chego, MAN3, Rachel, Thomas . Pic02101, pt. 2 [music: MAN3] digital electronic sing-along drumset: MAN3 . Concerto In LSD Minor [music: MAN3] miniature xylophonic piano: MAN3 . Return Of The Midget People [lyrics and music: MAN3, Skunky] vocals: MAN3, Skunky; miniature xylophonic piano: Skunky; wine bottle, beer bottle: MAN3 . St. Anthony's Fire [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, Skunky] concrete percussion, clapping, stomping, finger snapping, whistling: MAN3, Skunky; TMJ jaw popping, vocals, wine bottle, plastic bag: MAN3 . Three Little Birds [lyrics and music: B. Marley] vocals, clapping: MAN3, Skunky . The Beautiful People [lyrics: M. Manson/music: T. Ramirez] vocals: MAN3; beatboxing: Skunky . What's The Deal [lyrics and music: MAN3, Skunky] vocals, concrete percussion, clapping: MAN3, Skunky; samples, programming: MAN3 .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3 and Skunky, except as noted / Recorded @ UGPL, Tampa & Hidden River Townhouse, Tampa / Mixed @ Hidden River Townhouse, Tampa / Thank you: Batrick, Chego, Rachel, Thomas, Cutting Pink With Knives, d-lysergic acid diethylamide, Dr. Steve, Fela Anikulao Kuti, Andrew Liles /

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