Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Angela Artwork

Here's a collection of paintings by Angela. Click on the images below to see the full-sized image...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 5

Part five of a continuing series to introduce you to the contributors of Beacon Meadows.

Blue Flavered Skies


Xaos Beast

Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

VARN Industries Volume VIII: Apocalypse, Then Genesis

image by Angela

VARN Industries Volume VIII: Apocalypse, Then Genesis
"This is the eight VARN Industries album, recorded almost entirely on my new laptop portable recording studio while wondering around Tampa and then Toronto. One exception is track 3, a collaborative track with Wes and outtake from East Central Stairs, which was recorded on the old VARN Studios setup and then finished at Wes' place. The other exception is track 7, recorded using VARN Mobile Studios and then finished by Tvitkh in South Australia. I used my brother Batrick's keyboard on tracks 3 and 5. My daughter Lilith helps out with vocals and additional keyboard on track 5. The concept for this album is that you are at a party about to watch some horror movies when you decide to dose on some anonymous hallucinagen. The movies become to confusing, and after escaping a zombie invasion, you find yourself chilling outside with some friends smoking a blunt and the night finishes on a strongly positive vibe. Tripballs..."

01. VARN Industries - Dosing
02. VARN Industries - Chainsaw Massacre
03. VARN Industries - Spray Tan Party, pt. 2
04. VARN Industries - It Was Kind Of Gross
05. VARN Industries - The Coming Onslaught Of The Zombies
06. VARN Industries - The Zombies Give Chase
07. VARN Industries - Surrounded
08. VARN Industries - Smoking A Blunt After Being Saved From The Zombies
09. VARN Industries - A Comfortable Place In The Grass
10. VARN Industries - The Best Blow J Ever
11. VARN Industries - Chillin' In Kryp-E's Bathroom
12. VARN Industries - Mobile Test Run
13. VARN Industries - Closing Credits On A Bloody Sidewalk

Dosing [music: MAN3] . Chainsaw Massacre [music: MAN3] addtional musical inspiration: Madonna . Spray Tan Party, pt. 2 [music: MAN3, Wes] additional programming: Wes . It Was Kind Of Gross [music: MAN3] . The Coming Onslaught Of The Zombies [lyrics: Lilith/music: Lilith, MAN3] vocals, additional keyboard: Lilith . The Zombies Give Chase [music: MAN3] . Surrounded [music: MAN3, Tvitkh] additional programming: Tvitkh . Smoking A Blunt After Being Saved From The Zombies [music: MAN3] . A Comfortable Place In The Grass [music: MAN3] . The Best Blow J Ever [music: MAN3] additional music inspiration: The Temtpations . Chillin' In Kryp-E's Bathroom [music: MAN3] . Mobile Test Run [music: MAN3] additional musical inspiration: K. Perry . Closing Credits On A Bloody Sidewalk [music: MAN3] .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ [tracks 1, 6, 9 & 13 @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto], [tracks 2, 4, 10 & 12 @ Pappy's Home, Tampa], [track 3 @ Sailwinds, Tampa & Wes' Place, Tampa], [tracks 5 @ Sailwinds, Tampa], [track 7 @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto & @ Tvitkh's Home, South Australia] & [tracks * & 11 @ Kryp-E's Home, Tampa] / Thank you: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Tvitkh, Wes, 1408, Batrick, Breath Of Fire, Dawn Of The Dead, Diablo, DJ Kryp-E, Full Metal Alchemist, Ian, Land Of The Dead, Madonna, Marvel Zombies, Marvel Zombies 2, Marvel Zombies vs. Army Of Darkness, Katy Perry, Planet Terror, Silent Hill, The Temptations, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Remake), Toronto, Trainspotting / "Spray Tan Party, pt. 2" is an outtake from the East Central Stairs sessions / VARN Catalogue Number: 0800 /

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wes: Oldschool Mashup Mix

Wes: Oldschool Mashup Mix

"Def. not the best mix i've done, but the tunes are massive! some real old gems in here (thanks to an old timer's crates). "

images by Wes

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Skunky: Tripballs EP

image by MAN3

Skunky: Tripballs EP
This is Skunky's second album. It is a short collection of text-to-speech manipulations and short vocal pieces, all recorded in late 2006 while he and MAN3 were recording the first Underground Pipe Labyrinth album.

01. Skunky - 1e722041d86b71e5e1bc06c8a6068024
02. Skunky - 9 Inches
03. Skunky - Trip Talk
04. Skunky - Outlaw
05. Skunky - Ugly People
06. Skunky - b8817fa02f8c6e8880cfe4a7afac4a7b
07. Skunky - Kill Me
08. Skunky - Smok Pot
09. Skunky - Me And Steve
10. Skunky - The Devil
11. Skunky - Inszide My Hed
12. Skunky - Mouth Noises
13. Skunky - Im Trippn
14. Skunky - Bad Boy
15. Skunky - Devil Scare
16. Skunky - The Devil Is In Here
17. Skunky - Fuk Me
18. Skunky - Big Butts
19. Skunky - The Devil v2

Produced, written and performed by Skunky / Guitar on track 9 by Dr. Steve / Recorded and mixed using Skunky's Laptop & Camera at various locations in Tampa /

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wes: Darker Technologies

Wes: Darker Technologies

image by Wes

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Skunky: Skunky Madness (A Day In The Life Of Skunky)

image by MAN3

Skunky: Skunky Madness (A Day In The Life Of Skunky)
"tis just one day you will see so hit me up if you ever wanna chill with me skunky

I encourage tripping, tripballs thnx 4 the coments

thankyou everyone for your support and comments "

"Here is a real treat from Skunky, the psycho-organic folk artist. I just found the original copy of his genius poop-style short film featuring quite an extensive list of Beacon Meadows cameos (in order of appearance): Skunky, MAN3, DJ-Kryp-E, Batrick, Masterminded DJ, Underground Pipe Labyrinth and Bone Crusher Solid. The quality of the video is much better than the infamous YouTube version on Skunky's page. Enjoy and tripballs..."

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 4

Part four of a continuing series to introduce you to the contributors of Beacon Meadows.


J. Thomas Good Times



Bone Crusher Solid

Sunday, October 5, 2008

VARN Industries: Digital Voice Recordings Of Subliminal Terrorism

image by Angela

VARN Industries: Digital Voice Recordings Of Subliminal Terrorism
"Before Beacon Meadows as we now know it, there was just MAN3. And then he met a man who was a bear. He was called Tim. And they became friends. One day, they met a girl who was really a boy. (S)he was called Cabbbage. They had many magical adventures together that summer, right before the beginning of Beacon Meadows as we know it. During this time, MAN3 and his bear companion got kicked out of a shitty house and roamed the streets for a few months. That is when all of these voice messages were recorded."

01. VARN Industries - Message 1 (Mental Note #1)
02. VARN Industries - Message 2 (Tim Poetry Rap)
03. VARN Industries - Message 3 (Guiding Light)
04. VARN Industries - Message 4 (Mental Note #2)
05. VARN Industries - Message 5 (Day 1 Without The Animals)
06. VARN Industries - Message 6 (Holding It Down By My Crotch)
07. VARN Industries - Message 7 (MAN3 Taking A Shit)
08. VARN Industries - Message 8 (Tim Talking Shit)
09. VARN Industries - Message 9 (Buddha Buddha Store)
10. VARN Industries - Message 10 (Scrotal Stank)
11. VARN Industries - Message 11 (Walking To The Leasing Office)
12. VARN Industries - Message 12 (Walking From The Leasing Office)
13. VARN Industries - Message 13 (The Dead Bird)
14. VARN Industries - Message 14 (Mental Note #3)
15. VARN Industries - Message 15 (Cabbbage Reads A Story)
16. VARN Industries - Message 16 (Cabbbage Reads More Stories)
17. VARN Industries - Message 17 (Cabbbage)
18. VARN Industries - Message 18 (Cabbbage Taking A Shit)
19. VARN Industries - Message 19 (Cabbbage Pisses Off Sarah)
20. VARN Industries - Message 20 (Incoherant)
21. VARN Industries - Message 21 (The First Apartment Assembles)

Recorded during the summer of 2001 on a DA-300 Digital Voice Recorder by MAN3 and/or Tim / Cabbbage appears on tracks 15-19 / A very young Lucipurr and a fucktard appear on track 21 / VARN Catalogue Number: 0A02 /

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Tvitkh: Pretty Ugly EP

Tvitkh: Pretty Ugly EP
"after a break to try out my hangdman project & my GTBG project, i return to my home project to release this small, new, 6 track (& 19th tvitch release)farewell EP. (at least for now & for some time again.)
please enjoy.

01. Tvitkh - (The Lift)
02. Tvitkh - Absorb
03. Tvitkh - Schwindler
04. Tvitkh - Snail Bait
05. Tvitkh - Bore (Minimalist)
06. Tvitkh - Fate (Sorry)

written by Tvitkh

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 3

Part three of a continuing series to introduce you to the contributors of Beacon Meadows. The Many Facess Of Wes...


Noise Killer


New Whistle Crew

DJ Dellreef

Skunky: Beacon Meadows Soundbites

image by MAN3

Skunky: Beacon Meadows Soundbites
This is Skunky's first album.

"I was recently going through old burnt discs I have collecting dust and found a disc labelled "Beacon Meadows Soundbites." I put it in to listen to it, expecting some sort of greatest hits collection, but I found it to actually be a forgotten solo album by Skunky. This collection of tracks defies conventional thinking, even for Beacon Meadows. I am very proud to present this piece for your listening pleasure. Imagine taking LSD and spending your trip listening to Beacon Meadows stories. This is an awesome collection and for me, a stroll down memory lane. I hope you enjoy."

01. Skunky - PIC01557
02. Skunky - PIC01558
03. Skunky - PIC01559
04. Skunky - PIC01560
05. Skunky - PIC01561
06. Skunky - PIC01562
07. Skunky - PIC01884
08. Skunky - PIC01831
09. Skunky - PIC01832
10. Skunky - PIC01834
11. Skunky - PIC01835
12. Skunky - PIC01837
13. Skunky - PIC01838
14. Skunky - PIC01839
15. Skunky - PIC01840
16. Skunky - PIC01845
17. Skunky - PIC01847
18. Skunky - PIC01848
19. Skunky - PIC01851
20. Skunky - PIC01852
21. Skunky - PIC01853
22. Skunky - PIC01859
23. Skunky - PIC01860
24. Skunky - PIC01863
25. Skunky - PIC01864
26. Skunky - PIC01865
27. Skunky - PIC01866
28. Skunky - PIC01871
29. Skunky - PIC01872
30. Skunky - PIC01873
31. Skunky - PIC01885
32. Skunky - PIC01886
33. Skunky - PIC01887
34. Skunky - PIC01888
35. Skunky - PIC01890
36. Skunky - PIC01891
37. Skunky - PIC01880
38. Skunky - PIC01891
39. Skunky - PIC01907
40. Skunky - PIC01916
41. Skunky - PIC01955

Produced, mixed and assembled by Skunky / Special appearances from Batrick, Chego, MAN3, Mark Nalley, Rachel The Beacon Meadows Chick, Tony Sierra, Wes /

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Friday, August 15, 2008

hAN6dMAN: Entity

:hAN6dMAN: Entity
This is the first album from hAN6dMAN, a solo side-project of Tvitkh's. It contains two different covers of Skinny Puppy's "Addiction."

"new little sideproject thing ive been havin a work on away from my tVItch project.

its really just a tryout album kinda, hence why its short & sweet, i kinda didnt want to take it quite as seriously as my main projects. but overall i was pretty happy with how it turned out.

its a bit more guitar driven, rather than pretty much all synth, even if most of the guitar is synthetic :P & theres a bit of experimentation with vocals."

01. hAN6dMAN - Nothing At All (Demo - Test - Thingy)
02. hAN6dMAN - Addiction
03. hAN6dMAN - Entity
04. hAN6dMAN - Hollow Cost
05. hAN6dMAN - Repel
06. hAN6dMAN - Seemless (Tumbleweed & Cacti Mix)
07. hAN6dMAN - Terminal
08. hAN6dMAN - Vicycle
09. hAN6dMAN - Repel (Scape Mix)
10. hAN6dMAN - Seemless (Unseemly)
11. hAN6dMAN - Addiction (Version 2)

written by Tvitkh, except tracks 1 & 11 [lyrics and music: N. Ogre, c. Key, D. Goettel]

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Masterminded DJ: Take Five(2cE)Trip-Trance

Masterminded DJ: Take Five(2cE)Trip-Trance
"I recently found this track on an old hard drive. I had completely forgot about this gem, the only track recorded for Masterminded DJ's third album. I'm guessing it was recorded shortly after his 2C-E study with Batrick. I can't wait for him to get back so he can start recording again. To view videos from the 2C-E study, click on images below."

>>Download Here

Batrick, Masterminded DJ and Spanky conduct study of 2C-E
Spanky's House, Tampa, 07-17-07

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 2

Part two of a continuing series to introduce you to the contributors of Beacon Meadows.


DJ Kryp-E

Masterminded DJ


Friday, July 18, 2008

Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl (VARN Industries Remix)

image by Angela

Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl (VARN Industries Remix)
"I just got a new laptop recently, so this morning I set it up to record on the go. Afterwards, I remixed this song to test out if it all worked. Just a quick mix of a song that has imbedded itself in my pysche as of late."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tattoos by rEvolution

Here are some pictures of tattoo work by rEvoltion. Click on the images below to see the full-sized image...

Tvitkh: Humanity Is Dead

Tvitkh: Humanity Is Dead
This is the sixth Tvitkh album, recorded in 2006.

01. Tvitkh - Alopecoid
02. Tvitkh - Antlion
03. Tvitkh - Any Way But Up
04. Tvitkh - Bedlam
05. Tvitkh - Carpet Bombing Heaven
06. Tvitkh - Damaged (Beyond Repair)
07. Tvitkh - Out Of Order
08. Tvitkh - (D)Feck(t)
09. Tvitkh - G(L)ORY
10. Tvitkh - Ghosts
11. Tvitkh - Humanity Is Dead
12. Tvitkh - Ich
14. Tvitkh - Fertilizer
15. Tvitkh - Limbo
16. Tvitkh - Labatomy (Sticks And Stones)
17. Tvitkh - Savvy (Savnten)
18. Tvitkh - Winter

written by Tvitkh

>>Download Here

Promotional Artwork by Tvitkh. Click on the image below to see the full-sized image...

front cover

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 1

This is the first in a series of posts giving you a quick guide to the world of Beacon Meadows. First up are all pages related to the Super Nalley Brothers. Photos by Angela. Ghost Town Breeding Ground image by Tvitkh...



Batrick's Spy Kit

VARN Industries

Underground Pipe Labyrinth

Ghost Town Breeding Ground

rEvolution Artwork

Here's a collection of promotional artwork by rEvoltion. Click on the images below to see the full-sized image...

MAN3 banner

VARN Industries "Tripballs 1" poster

VARN Industries "Tripballs 2" poster

Masterminded DJ "Acid Rain" album cover