Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 3

Part three of a continuing series to introduce you to the contributors of Beacon Meadows. The Many Facess Of Wes...


Noise Killer


New Whistle Crew

DJ Dellreef

Skunky: Beacon Meadows Soundbites

image by MAN3

Skunky: Beacon Meadows Soundbites
This is Skunky's first album.

"I was recently going through old burnt discs I have collecting dust and found a disc labelled "Beacon Meadows Soundbites." I put it in to listen to it, expecting some sort of greatest hits collection, but I found it to actually be a forgotten solo album by Skunky. This collection of tracks defies conventional thinking, even for Beacon Meadows. I am very proud to present this piece for your listening pleasure. Imagine taking LSD and spending your trip listening to Beacon Meadows stories. This is an awesome collection and for me, a stroll down memory lane. I hope you enjoy."

01. Skunky - PIC01557
02. Skunky - PIC01558
03. Skunky - PIC01559
04. Skunky - PIC01560
05. Skunky - PIC01561
06. Skunky - PIC01562
07. Skunky - PIC01884
08. Skunky - PIC01831
09. Skunky - PIC01832
10. Skunky - PIC01834
11. Skunky - PIC01835
12. Skunky - PIC01837
13. Skunky - PIC01838
14. Skunky - PIC01839
15. Skunky - PIC01840
16. Skunky - PIC01845
17. Skunky - PIC01847
18. Skunky - PIC01848
19. Skunky - PIC01851
20. Skunky - PIC01852
21. Skunky - PIC01853
22. Skunky - PIC01859
23. Skunky - PIC01860
24. Skunky - PIC01863
25. Skunky - PIC01864
26. Skunky - PIC01865
27. Skunky - PIC01866
28. Skunky - PIC01871
29. Skunky - PIC01872
30. Skunky - PIC01873
31. Skunky - PIC01885
32. Skunky - PIC01886
33. Skunky - PIC01887
34. Skunky - PIC01888
35. Skunky - PIC01890
36. Skunky - PIC01891
37. Skunky - PIC01880
38. Skunky - PIC01891
39. Skunky - PIC01907
40. Skunky - PIC01916
41. Skunky - PIC01955

Produced, mixed and assembled by Skunky / Special appearances from Batrick, Chego, MAN3, Mark Nalley, Rachel The Beacon Meadows Chick, Tony Sierra, Wes /

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Friday, August 15, 2008

hAN6dMAN: Entity

:hAN6dMAN: Entity
This is the first album from hAN6dMAN, a solo side-project of Tvitkh's. It contains two different covers of Skinny Puppy's "Addiction."

"new little sideproject thing ive been havin a work on away from my tVItch project.

its really just a tryout album kinda, hence why its short & sweet, i kinda didnt want to take it quite as seriously as my main projects. but overall i was pretty happy with how it turned out.

its a bit more guitar driven, rather than pretty much all synth, even if most of the guitar is synthetic :P & theres a bit of experimentation with vocals."

01. hAN6dMAN - Nothing At All (Demo - Test - Thingy)
02. hAN6dMAN - Addiction
03. hAN6dMAN - Entity
04. hAN6dMAN - Hollow Cost
05. hAN6dMAN - Repel
06. hAN6dMAN - Seemless (Tumbleweed & Cacti Mix)
07. hAN6dMAN - Terminal
08. hAN6dMAN - Vicycle
09. hAN6dMAN - Repel (Scape Mix)
10. hAN6dMAN - Seemless (Unseemly)
11. hAN6dMAN - Addiction (Version 2)

written by Tvitkh, except tracks 1 & 11 [lyrics and music: N. Ogre, c. Key, D. Goettel]

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Masterminded DJ: Take Five(2cE)Trip-Trance

Masterminded DJ: Take Five(2cE)Trip-Trance
"I recently found this track on an old hard drive. I had completely forgot about this gem, the only track recorded for Masterminded DJ's third album. I'm guessing it was recorded shortly after his 2C-E study with Batrick. I can't wait for him to get back so he can start recording again. To view videos from the 2C-E study, click on images below."

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Batrick, Masterminded DJ and Spanky conduct study of 2C-E
Spanky's House, Tampa, 07-17-07

Part One

Part Two

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Part Four

Meet Beacon Meadows, pt. 2

Part two of a continuing series to introduce you to the contributors of Beacon Meadows.


DJ Kryp-E

Masterminded DJ