Monday, July 14, 2008

Tvitkh: 13ALAGAN

Tvitkh: 13ALAGAN
This is the twelfth Tvitkh album, recorded in 2007.

"heavily synth concentrated experimental instrumental industrial/idm/ebm.

my biggest influences are the likes of skinny puppy, kmfdm, the knife, ohgr, skold, kmfdm, neon womb, stark, sonic mayhem, depeche mode, kraftwerk, aphex twin, pendulum, prodigy, hanzel und gretyl.

been listening to alot of daft punk of late, as well as kmfdms latest album & alot of the misfits, so some of that may shine through a little too in some way or another.

also been smoking alot of weed again lately for the first time in a few years which also may shine through :P
& drinking alot as usual.

also here is a bonus/secret track & a remix that origionally didnt end up making it onto the album package but ive decided to now add to it, plus it could be a tester track to download maybe anyhow to get a general gist: Thirteen & Thirteen Great Unknown Remix

01. Tvitkh - Out Here In The Desert
02. Tvitkh - Breakdown
03. Tvitkh - SOS
04. Tvitkh - Hellhole
05. Tvitkh - Icarus
06. Tvitkh - 13alagan
07. Tvitkh - Deathform
08. Tvitkh - Surface Patterns
09. Tvitkh - Depth
10. Tvitkh - Tired
11. Tvitkh - Soot
12.Tvitkh - Get Off
13. Tvitkh - Korrosion
14. Tvitkh - Mindfield
15. Tvitkh - Nonsense
16. Tvitkh - Thinking From The Heart
17. Tvitkh - Thirteen
18. Tvitkh - Nonsense (Vulgar Mix)
19. Tvitkh - Rust II
20. Tvitkh - Thirteen (The Great Unknown Mix)

written by Tvitkh

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