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VARN Industries: The Proles

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VARN Industries: The Proles
"This is the first follow-up EP to Volume I: 1984 Soundtrack, recorded in 2001.
Magitek makes his first recorded appearance with his remix of "The Proles," along with two remixes I did. "Cast Silver" and "Shark's Pet On A Leash" could both technically be considered Batrick's Spy Kit covers, because he and I had recorded earlier versions in 1999 using a karaoke machine and Sony Playstation and then edited using Sound Recorder on a Windows 95 computer for a very early BSK demo cassette called Lawnboy."

VARN Industries - The Proles (Instrumental)
02. VARN Industries - Praise The Ammunition
03. VARN Industries - The Proles (Half Cup Of Victory Gin)
04. VARN Industries - Cast Silver
05. VARN Industries - The Proles (Peon Mix)
06. VARN Industries - Shark's Pet On A Leash
07. VARN Industries - The Proles (The Factory)

The Proles (Instrumental) [music: MAN3, Batrick] additional programming: Batrick . Praise The Ammunition [music: MAN3] . The Proles (Half Cup Of Victory Gin) [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, Batrick] remix: Magitek . Cast Silver [lyrics: Batrick/music: MAN3] vocals: Batrick; backing vocals: MAN3 . The Proles (Peon Mix) [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, Batrick] remix: MAN3; additional musical inspiration: Hippie . Shark's Pet On A Leash [lyrics: Batrick/music: MAN3] vocals: Batrick; backing vocals: MAN3 . The Proles (The Factory) [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, Batrick] remix: MAN3 .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Music recorded and mixed @ [track 1 @ Chamberlain High school, Tampa & Carroll Grove, Tampa] & [tracks 2-7 @ Gaga & Pappy's Home, Tampa] / Vocals recorded and mixed @ Oak Manor, Tampa, except [track 6 interview segment recorded @ Nana & Papa's Home, Tampa] / Thank you: my daughter Lilith, family, Batrick, Lucipurr, Magitek, Peter Benchley & Steven Spielberg, the carcharodon carcharias, Hippie, George Orwell / Original version of "The Proles" appears on VARN Industries Volume I: 1984 Soundtrack / VARN Catalog Number: 0101 /

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