Friday, May 15, 2009

Skunky: Beacon Meadows Collaboration 06-07

image by MAN3

Skunky: Beacon Meadows Collaboration 06-07
"Here is a compilation of pics from Beacon Meadows activities, during 2006-2007 that Skunky and I put together in October of 2007. It not only features many of our Beacon Meadows projects over the course of those two years (involving no less than myself, Batrick, Bone Crusher Solid, Chego, Scott Cooke, DJ Kryp-E, Donny, Fooska Phil, Hippie, Magitek, Masterminded DJ, Jon Plummer, Rachel The Beacon Meadows Chick, Skunky, Thomas, Tvitkh and Wes), but also four music tracks from Skunky, Underground Pipe Labyrinth and VARN Industries. I'm happy with how this came out..."

"did you see me?"

Created by MAN3 and Skunky

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