Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tvitkh: Unstable

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Tvitkh: Unstable
This is the twenty-first
Tvitkh album, recorded in 2009.

"again, a bit under the radar & early with this release perhaps, but since starting up tVItch again, i have really got back into just constantly playing around with music, & therefor i came out with alot of stuff in a fairly short time.
this album is somewhat an accompanyment to DEVOLv, as i was creating them at the same time & this release took a little longer.
either / any way, i hope you enjoy.


01. Tvitkh - Ailments (Unrested)
02. Tvitkh - Dispensable
03. Tvitkh - Disperse
04. Tvitkh - Flawed
05. Tvitkh - Grains
06. Tvitkh - Inferior
07. Tvitkh - Insignificant
08. Tvitkh - Machine
09. Tvitkh - Tilt
10. Tvitkh - Unstable

written by Tvitkh

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