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VARN Industries Volume IX: Life Begins When Winter Ends

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VARN Industries Volume IX: Life Begins When Winter Ends
"This album was recorded in mid-2009. I had just survived my first Canadian winter and really felt invigorated by the warmer weather. There's no overall theme or concept behind this one, aside from just having fun and making the music I want to listen to. About halfway through recording the album, I got a new keyboard, which features quite prominently in the second half of the songs. I once again plundered my vast library of Beacon Meadows videos for more samples, featuring Batrick, Magitek and Skunky. The second track is the first collaboration with my friend Vagabondage, who I coincidently met through the same message board as Tvitkh. This song inspired us to record an album together, which became the Embryo Concepts album Arrive In K At Old Nav. As their titles imply, "Beat For Chego" and "Beat For Blue" are indeed hiphop instrumentals intended for my friends Chego and Bluesteeze respectively, although their vocals never ended up being recorded. I also wrote and recorded lyrics/vocals for three of the songs on this album, which are all based on actual events."

01. VARN Industries - Drowning In My Vomit
02. VARN Industries - The Map Of The Land Of VARN
03. VARN Industries - Follow The Light
04. VARN Industries - Through The Looking Glass
05. VARN Industries - Beat For Chego
06. VARN Industries - Beat For Blue
07. VARN Industries - Wow, Good Idea
08. VARN Industries - St. Lauderdale's Prayer
09. VARN Industries - Dead Cats Lead To Mutant Corn And Aliens
10. VARN Industries - Mannequin Man
11. VARN Industries - Data Gets Laid
12. VARN Industries - Aquacide
13. VARN Industries - Elementary Geography Of The Afterlife

Drowning In My Vomit [lyrics: Skunky/music: MAN3] vocals: Skunky . The Map Of The Land Of VARN [music: MAN3, Vagabondage] additional programming, keyboards: Vagabondage; background voices: Batrick . Follow The Light [music: MAN3] voicess: MAN3, Batrick, Magitek . Through The Looking Glass [music: MAN3] . Beat For Chego [music: MAN3] background voices: Magitek, Skunky . Beat For Blue [music: MAN3] . Wow, Good Idea [music: MAN3] . St. Lauderdale's Prayer [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Dead Cats Lead To Mutant Corn And Aliens [music: MAN3] . Mannequin Man [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Data Gets Laid [music: MAN3] . Aquacide [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Elementary Geography Of The Afterlife [music: MAN3] .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto, except [Skunky's vocals (track 1) & Batrick's vocals (track 2) recorded @ Oak Manor, Tampa], [track 2 recorded @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto & Vagabondage's Studio, Toronto], [MAN3, Batrick and Magitek's vocals (track 3) recorded @ The Toxic Jungle, Tampa], [Magitek and Skunky's vocals (track 5) recorded @ Thomas's Woods, Lutz] & [track 7 recorded @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto & Tvitkh's Home, South Australia] / Thank you: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Batrick, Magitek, Skunky, Vagabondage, J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek," The Avalanches, Autechre, Ayria, B12, Bluesteeze, Burial, Chego, The Chemical Brothers, Chris Clark, Eminem, Final Fantasy: Dawn Of Souls, Freddy & Karen, K-Os, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Masterminded DJ, Derek & Jeremy McCluskey, Meat Beat Manifesto, Monstania, Prefuse 73, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Star Trek (The Original Series), Star Trek: The Next Generation, Raymond Watts, X-Files / Skunky's vocals on "Drowning In My Vomit" were recorded during Skunky's Am I Too Loud? sessions / MAN3, Batrick and Magitek's vocals on "Follow The Light" were recorded during the LSD Study held at The Toxic Jungle, Tampa on 08-29-07 by Magitek & Batrick / Magitek and Skunky's vocals on "Beat For Chego" were recorded during the 2C-E Study held at Thomas's Woods, Lutz on 10-09-07 by MAN3, Magitek & Batrick with Skunky & Thomas/ Original version of "Untitledlistenback" appears on the Batrick's Spy Kit album Newestersesetest CD / VARN Catalogue Number: 0900 / "I am the drug. Take me." - Salvador Dali /

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