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VARN Industries: The Lost Tracks

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VARN Industries: The Lost Tracks
"This is the third and final follow-up compilation to Appendix A: 1999-2006, collecting what's left of Volume II: Stoned Age, The THC Sessions (A follow-up EP to Volume II: Stoned Age) and Volume III: Angel, as well as VARN-related tracks from the aborted
Batrick's Spy Kit EP Batrick vs. The World, Vol. I and the aborted Mark Nalley EP Forest Of Illusions, after a harddrive failure that occurred while setting up the Oak Manor Studio. Volume II: Stoned Age was recorded in 2002 with Hippie writing or co-writing most of the tracks and/or lyrics, though not all of the vocals ended up getting recorded. The concept was basically trying to make music that sounded like what smoking reefer felt like (I later adapted this theme to tripping balls on DXM at an abandoned hospital for Vol. V and tripping on an unspecified hallucinogen at a party for Vol. VIII). Three EPs were recorded to follow-up Vol. II, but only some of the tracks from the third EP survived the crash. The 0200 series (Volume II: Stoned Age, The Three Parables Of Hippie & MAN3, untitled: undated and The THC Sessions), along with their Batrick's Spy Kit counterparts (Knuckle and Fill Me Up Another Cup Of Booze) and Magitekno counterpart (Totally Baked Album), collectively represent a report on the Extended Marijuana Study held by MAN3, Magitek and Batrick with Hippie and MyKaos over the course of 2002. A seperate written report, entitled The Hippie Archives has also been compiled from this and several other marijuana studies held by Beacon Meadows between 2001 and 2006 and should one day see public release. Volume III: Angel was recorded in 2003, though the lyrics intended for it (which you can download here) were written in 2001. Its concept followed the journey of an angel sent down from Heaven to warn people of the coming apocalypse, only to fall in love with a mortal. The mortal is drafted into service because of war and is killed. The angel then becomes a deeply depressed atheist and ends up committing suicide. Cheerful stuff. Batrick vs. The World, Vol. I was an EP's worth of new remixes by Batrick of Batrick's Spy Kit, Magitekno and VARN Industries tracks recorded in 2004 that also suffered near-extinction from the hard-drive failure. At around the same time, I was also trying to get together an EP's worth of material by my dad, though only two tracks are left of that recording ("Chilling At The Lake" and a Batrick's Spy Kit track called "Forest Of Illusions (Yoshi's Egg)")."

----Volume II: Stoned Age Sessions
VARN Industries - Disclaimer
02. VARN Industries - Society Is Fucked: undated
03. VARN Industries - untitled: 04-19-02
04. VARN Industries - Nintendo, Why Wars Sucks & How Marijuana Has Affected Music: 04-29-02
05. VARN Industries - untitled: 05-01-02
06. VARN Industries - Bozo The Clown: undated
07. VARN Industries - untitled: 06-08-02
08. VARN Industries - untitled: 02-03-03
----The THC Sessions
09. VARN Industries - untitled: 03-07-04
10. VARN Industries - untitled: 05-01-02 (Green Pepper Sauce Remix)
11. VARN Industries - untitled: undated (Doki Doki Panic Remix)
----Volume III: Angel Sessions
12. VARN Industries - Never Change
13. VARN Industries - Ready For War
14. VARN Industries - Jesus Died
15. VARN Industries - The Draft Is Taking My Angel
16. VARN Industries - A New Station
17. VARN Industries - Apocalypse Genesis
----Batrick vs. The World, Vol. I Sessions
18. VARN Industries - Human Beings Are A Disease (Munchies Lead To Lung Cancer)
19. VARN Industries - The Proles (Moles)
20. VARN Industries - I'm Drawing A Blank (Anti-Destination)
----Forest Of Illusions Sessions
21. VARN Industries - Chilling At The Lake

Disclaimer [music: MAN3] . Society Is Fucked: undated [music: MAN3, Hippie] additional programming: Hippie . untitled: 04-19-02 [lyrics: Hippie/music: MAN3] . Nintendo, Why War Sucks & How Marijuana Has Affected Music: 04-29-02 [music: MAN3, Hippie] additional programming: Hippie . untitled: 05-01-02 [lyrics: Hippie/music: MAN3] additional musical inspiration: MyKaos . Bozo The Clown: undated [lyrics: Hippie/ music: MAN3] . untitled: 06-08-02 [lyrics: MAN3, Hippie/music: MAN3, MyKaos] additional programming: MyKaos . untitled: 02-03-03 [lyrics: Hippie/music: MAN3, MyKaos] additional programming: MyKaos . untitled: 03-07-04 [lyrics: Batrick, MAN3/music: MAN3, Magitek, Batrick] additional programming: Magitek, Batrick; vocals: MAN3, Batrick, Magitek . untitled: 05-01-02 (Green Pepper Sauce Remix) [music: MAN3] remix: MAN3 . untitled: undated (Doki Doki Panic Remix) [music: MAN3] remix: MAN3 . Never Change [music: MAN3] . Ready For War [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Jesus Died [music: MAN3] . The Draft Is Taking My Angel [music: MAN3] . A New Station [music: MAN3] . Apocalypse Genesis [music: MAN3] . Human Beings Are A Disease (Munchies Lead To Lung Cancer) [music: MAN3] remix Batrick . The Proles (Moles) [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, Batrick] remix: Batrick . I'm Drawing A Blank (Anti-Destination) [music: MA3] remix: Batrick . Chilling At The Lake [music: MAN3, M. Nalley] additonal programming: M. Nalley .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Music recorded and mixed @ [tracks 1, 3, 5-21 @ 20th And 139th Studio, Tampa] & [tracks 2 & 4 @ Hippie's House, Tampa] / Vocals recorded @ Oak Manor, Tampa / Jaws Lunchbox: Big Blue, Crush, the Knuckle Pipe, the Medicinal Shotgun, Shirlock / Thank you (for Volume II: Stoned Age): my daughter Lilith, family, Hippie, Jaws Lunchbox, MyKaos, Albany & Antialbany, Atari 2600, Barry Barnett, Basement Jaxx, Batrick, L. Frank Baum, Beacon Meadows, Blue Oyster Cult, Bong Water, Hieronymous Bosch, David Bowie, my Buddha statue, Luis BuĂ’uel, Lewis Carroll, Chris Castro, Tommy Chong & Cheech Marin, Cowboy Bebop, Crazy Anthony, Roald Dahl, the Dalai Lama, Salvador Dali, delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, Eminem, Madonna Wayne Gacy, H.R. Geiger, Theodor Geisel, Mohandas Ghandi, Tom Green, Half Baked, Happatai, Joseph Haun, Jimi Hendrix, High Times, Richard D. James, Alejandro Jodorowsky's "El Topo," John & Yoko, George Jung, Kefka & Sephiroth, Killarmy, Fred Krueger, C.S. Lewis, David Lynch's "Lost Highway," my Macintosh Classic, Magitek & Skelator (The Grim Reefer), Marilyn Manson, Bennu Markous, Anthony Mattey, Patrick Matthews, Matt "the pimp" McCartney, Derek & Jeremy McClusky, Method Man & Redman, Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith, Shigeru Miyamoto, Hayao Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke," Jim Morrison, New World Computing, NORML, Outside Providence, Chuck Palahniuk, Prescott (a.k.a. Manik Panda), the pond & the wall, The Prodigy, psilocybin, Ravers On Dope, Paul Reubens, Trent Reznor, Ed Rosenthal & Steve Kubby, salt & vinegar potato chips, Hubert Selby Jr. & Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem For A Dream," Snoop Dogg, Sound Exchange, Jonny Suicide, Synthetic Minister, my tablecloth, That 70's Show, Towelie, TRazor, Twilight Of The Dark Master, Sun Tzu, Little Jimmy Urine, vanilla flavored cola, Jhonen Vasquez, Volkswagen, Roger Waters, White D, Jeremy White, Wicked City, Frank Zappa / Thank you (for The THC Sessions): my daughter Lilith, family, Batrick, Hippie, Magitek, Big Daddy, Jim Bruer & Dave Chapelle, Cheech & Chong, delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, En Esch, the lake,, the smiling joker face of an evil pig-faced scaly serpentine dragon with dead faces in its neck trying push through the skin, a guy with a devil tail and his pants down slamming a wooden donkey with a bird house for a head in the ass / Thank you (for Volume III: Angel): my daughter Lilith, family, Dante Alighieri, George Carlin, Dr. Paul Carus, Billy Corgan, Charles Darwin, Michael Drosnin, Bart D. Ehrman, Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy, Hazekiah the Angel Of Severity, Hippie, Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain," John & his revelations, Tim LaHaye & J.B. Jenkins, Anton LaVey, C.S. Lewis, Marilyn Manson, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, Paula O'Keefe (a.k.a. angelynx), Joan Osborne, Skold, Spriggan, Bram Stoker, The Turtles, Elie Weisel, X / Tracks 1-8 taken from the VARN Industries album Volume II: Stoned Age / Tracks 9-11 taken from the VARN Industries album The THC Sessions / Tracks 12-17 taken from the VARN Industries album Volume III: Angel / Tracks 18-20 taken from the aborted Batrick's Spy Kit album Batrick vs. The World, Vol. I / Original versions of "Human Beings Are A Disease" and "I'm Drawing A Blank" appear on VARN Industries Appendix A: 1999-2006 / Original version of "The Proles" appears on VARN Industres Volume I: 1984 Soundtrack / "Chilling At The Lake" taken from the aborted Mark Nalley album Forest Of Illusions / VARN Catlogue Number: 0A03 /

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