Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Batrick's Spy Kit: Hipopno

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Batrick's Spy Kit: Hipopno
This is the fourth Batrick's Spy Kit album and first of two follow-ups to Zzzzzz, recorded in 2005.

01. Batrick's Spy Kit - Gooooort
02. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (DJ Flipmaster Flex Remix)
03. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (Yackoff Remix)
04. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledpoooooooo
05. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (Killer Turtles And Dead Toads Remix)
06. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (Theo LeSeig's Death March Remix)
07. Batrick's Spy Kit - Tof Mad Mix
08. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (This Is Bat Country Remix)
09. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hippiopno
10. Batrick's Spy Kit - Mr. Tech Dada
11. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (Nosa Rap)
12. Batrick's Spy Kit - Hipopno (The Remix To Somebody Else's Shit)

Gooooort [music: Batrick] . Hipopno (DJ Flipmaster Flex Remix) [music: Batrick] remix: Batrick . Hipopno (Yackoff Remix) [music: Batrick] remix: Batrick . Untitledpoooooooo [music: Batrick] . Hipopno (Killer Turtles And Dead Toads Remix) [music: Batrick] remix: MAN3 . Hipopno (Theo LeSieg's Death March Remix) [music: Batrick] remix: MAN3 . Tof Mad Mix [music: Batrick, MAN3, Magitek] additional programming: MAN3; contains an excerpt from "Topher Madness" [music: Magitek] performed by Magitekno . Hipopno (This Is Bat Country Remix) [music: Batrick] remix: MAN3 . Hippiopno [music: Batrick] remix: Hippie . Mr. Tech Dada [music: Batrick] . Hipopno (Nosa Rap) [music: Batrick] remix: Magitek . Hipopno (The Remix To Somebody Else's Shit) [music: Batrick] remix: R. Everett .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by Batrick, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Oak Manor, Tampa / Thank you: Ricky Everett Jr., Hippie, Magitek, MAN3 / Original version of "Hipopno" appears on the Batrick's Spy Kit album Zzzzzz /

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