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Batrick's Spy Kit: Knuckle

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Batrick's Spy Kit: Knuckle
This is the first
Batrick's Spy Kit album, recorded between 2002 and 2004, when he was only fifteen years old. The second track was actually recorded on his fifteenth birthday. Magitek co-wrote track 10 after he and Batrick smoked a Bible paper joint. MAN3 co-wrote tracks 16 and 22 and did some extra drum programming on track 20. Tracks 17 and 18 were recorded one day when the reefer temporarily ran out.

"Here is how it all started... It was the summer after 7th grade and I had been at the pool all day. My brother
Magitek showed up and told me, "I just bought $15 worth of weed." Well, I had never smoked before and Magitek hadn't either, so we got a black from the lifeguard and tried to roll a blunt and it barely smoked. Now, remember Magitek had just bought Jamaican fire so we were feeling good. It started to rain so we chilled at the pool and smoked a black until it stopped. After that we headed up to Hippie's. We smoked 2 bowls out of the Spider Man. When we left we were so baked that we gave Hippie the rest of the Mary J Wana. Later on that day, my brother MAN3 went over to Hippie's and smoked the rest, and that Jamaican fire was some good shit mon."

01. Batrick's Spy Kit - Down Hope Up Dope
02. Batrick's Spy Kit - Fifteenth Celebration
03. Batrick's Spy Kit - Watermelon Sound Effects
04. Batrick's Spy Kit - The Wacky World
05. Batrick's Spy Kit - 05-08-04
06. Batrick's Spy Kit - A Spliff A Jay & Two Bowls
07. Batrick's Spy Kit - Nutmeg
08. Batrick's Spy Kit - Fired
09. Batrick's Spy Kit - Spaz Attack
10. Batrick's Spy Kit - The Jesus Jay
11. Batrick's Spy Kit - Track 15
12. Batrick's Spy Kit - 05-29-04
13. Batrick's Spy Kit - Techno K
14. Batrick's Spy Kit - Squeegee Board
15. Batrick's Spy Kit - Too Stoned?
16. Batrick's Spy Kit - Gummy Bear
17. Batrick's Spy Kit - Bored As Fuck
18. Batrick's Spy Kit - Anti-Bud
19. Batrick's Spy Kit - HCT
20. Batrick's Spy Kit - Elven Lust
21. Batrick's Spy Kit - Fgdyrhdsj-200 [THC]
22. Batrick's Spy Kit - Freddy 3.0

Down Hope Up Dope [music: Batrick] . Fifteenth Celeration [music: Batrick] . Watermelon Sound Effects [music: Batrick] . The Wacky World [music: Batrick] . 05-08-04 [music: Batrick] . A Spliff A Jay & Two Bowls [music: Batrick] . Nutmeg [music: Batrick] . Fired [music: Batrick] . Spaz Attack [music: Batrick] . The Jesus Jay [music: Batrick, Magitek] additional programming: Magitek . Track 15 [music: Batrick] . 05-29-04 [music: Batrick] . Techno K [music: Batrick] . Squeegee Board [music: Batrick] . Too Stoned? [music: Batrick] . Gummy Bear [music: Batrick, MAN3] additional programming: MAN3 . Bored As Fuck [music: Batrick] . Anti-Bud [music: Batrick] . HCT [music: Batrick] . Elven Lust [music: Batrick] additional drums: MAN3 . Fgdyrhdsj-200 [THC] [music: Batrick] . Freddy 3.0 [music: Batrick, MAN3] additional programming: MAN3 .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by Batrick, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ 20th And 139th Studio, Tampa / Thank you: Magitek, MAN3, Altoid Can, Batman, Big Blue, Big Daddy, Big Green, Black Hole, blink-182, James Bond, Crush, the Curve, the Ghostbusters, the Gremlin, Tony Hawk, Hippie & Jonny Blaze, Mike Husty, Jackass, JB rolling papers, the Knuckle Pipe, marijuana, the Medicinal Shotgun, Nalley family, Old Fart, Philly blunts, the Photon, the Popeye pipe, punk rock, Shirlock, Spider Man, Super Mario Bros., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, THCD, Twinkle, Viva La Bam, whisky, White Owl blunts /

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