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Magitekno: Totally Baked Album

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Magitekno: Magitek's Totally Baked Album
This is the first Magitekno album, recorded mostly in 2003 and 2004. Both of his brothers, MAN3 and Batrick, appear all over this album as well.  

01. Magitekno - Mutation
02. Magitekno - Black Hole
03. Magitekno - Earth Reefer Fanatics
04. Magitekno - Gote
05. Magitekno - I Am Gore
06. Magitekno - Stupid People
07. Magitekno - Black Hole (The Jokes On You Buddy Remix)
08. Magitekno - Topher Madness (Neodarkologist Autopsy Remix)
09. Magitekno - Stupid People (Batrick's Spy Kit Remix)
10. Magitekno - Topher Madness (Hard Remix)
11. Magitekno - My Name Is Pat

Mutation [music: Magitek] additional musical inspiration:
MAN3, Batrick . Black Hole [music: Magitek, MAN3] additional programming: MAN3 . Earth Reefer Fanatics [music: Magitek, Batrick] additional programming: Batrick . Gote [music: Magitek] . I Am Gore [music: Magitek, MAN3] additional programming: MAN3 . Stupid People [music: Magitek] . Black Hole (The Jokes On You Buddy Remix) [music: Magitek, MAN3] remix: Batrick . Topher Madness (Neodarkologist Autopsy Remix) [music: Magitek] remix: MAN3 . Stupid People (Batrick's Spy Kit Remix) [music: Magitek] remix: Batrick . Topher Madness (Hard Remix) [music: Magitek] remix: Batrick . My Name Is Pat [lyrics and music: Magitek] .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by Magitek, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ [tracks, 1, 2, 5, 7-10 @ 20th And 139th Studio, Tampa] & [tracks 3, 4, 6 & 11 @ Oak Manor, Tampa] / Thank you: hos, bros, family, Batrick, Big Daddy, MAN3, DXM, THC, "Where The Boys Aren't VIII" / "Earth Reefer Fanatics," "Gote" & "Stupid People" are from the aborted What Now sessions / "My Name Is Pat" is from the aborted Three Gay Songs sessions /

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