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VARN Industries Volume X: Ten Years Later

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VARN Industries Volume X: Ten Years Later
"This album was recorded in early 2010. Once again, there's no overall concept or theme with this album. I decided to cut back as much as I felt possible on using any of my keyboards this time. So while the have fun, do what I want feel of the 0900 series is present, the production style is more in the vein of my Underground Pipe Labyrinth albums. In fact, I've many times thought of this as what Underground Pipe Labyrinth might sound like today as a solo project. Almost all of the drums and beats were constructed from sounds I recorded around my apartment, such as hitting or scraping different surfaces and objects, spinning coins, tapping ash out of pipes, popping my jaw and beatboxing. There are tons of weird vocal noises that have been sampled, chopped up, stretched out or backmasked throughout. There are also a lot more vocal tracks here than on many of my more recent albums, following the trend I began the previous year with Vol. IX. Most of the lyrics I've written are very personal and based on events in my life. "Evil Jesus" and "Raving For The Moon" deal with the many drug happenings I used to arrange a few years back, known as the Evil Jesus Parties. "Angela" is a cover of a Mötley Crüe song I've recorded for my wife. I sampled my friends Lisa and Asha via cellphone on "Vodka Douche" and "Give Me Your Tongue Girl" respectively. "The End Of The Beginning" is based on the events of the Inner Circle incident. "The Beginning Of The End," however, was recorded by hanging my microphone out the window while someone threw a bunch of scrap metal into their pickup truck in the back alley. The last track is composed almost entirely by noises I recorded of my good friend Konrad Epp made using metal, glass and water in unusual ways."

01. VARN Industries - The Living Lie
02. VARN Industries - The Seven Faces Of God
03. VARN Industries - Evil Jesus
04. VARN Industries - Ten Years Later
05. VARN Industries - Angela
06. VARN Industries - Vodka Douche
07. VARN Industries - Give Me Your Tongue Girl
08. VARN Industries - The End Of The Beginning
09. VARN Industries - The Beginning Of The End
10. VARN Industries - Ten
11. VARN Industries - Janice Rand
12. VARN Industries - Waiting For Water To Boil
13. VARN Industries - Raving For The Moon
14. VARN Industries - Washing Dishes
15. VARN Industries - Smoking A Roach Blunt Roach Blunt Roach

The Living Lie [lyrics and music: MAN3] . The Seven Faces Of God [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Evil Jesus [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Ten Years Later [music: MAN3] . Angela [V. Neil, M. Mars, N. Sixx, T. Lee] . Vodka Douche [music: MAN3] voices: Lisa . Give Me Your Tongue Girl [music: MAN3] voices, beatboxing: Asha . The End Of The Beginning [lyrics and music: MAN3] . The Beginning Of The End [music: MAN3] . Ten [music: MAN3] . Janice Rand [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Waiting For Water To Boil [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Raving For The Moon [lyrics and music: MAN3] additional voices: Angela . Washing Dishes [music: MAN3] . Smoking A Roach Blunt Roach Blunt Roach [music: MAN3, K. Epp] voices, glass, water, bong, knives, metal bowls: K. Epp .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto / Thank you: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Asha, Konrad Epp, Lisa, Autechre, Bile, The Damage Manual, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eminem, Fullmetal Alchemist, Richard D. James, KMFDM, Lovage, Mötley Crüe, New Super Mario Bros., Planet Of The Apes, Prefuse 73, Puscifer, Revolting Cocks, Shpongle, Star Trek, Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach, Chris Vrenna, X-Files / VARN Catalogue Number: 1000 / "No! Angela, you're MY rape puppet. You guys need to come up with your own adorable pet name for me." - Lisa /

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