Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VARN Industries: The Gambler

image by Angela

VARN Industries: The Gambler
"This is the second follow-up EP to Volume IX: Life Begins When Winter Ends, recorded in late 2009. I had always had an appreciation for Kenny Rogers, but it wasn't until I happened to get a copy of his The Gambler album on vinyl that I really learned the true power and force that is Kenny Rogers. Many of my friends thought I was kidding when I told them I was going to cover the album, not just the song, but here it is."

01. VARN Industries - The Gambler
02. VARN Industries - I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again
03. VARN Industries - Making Music For Money
04. VARN Industries - She Believes In Me
05. VARN Industries - Tennessee Bottle
06. VARN Industries - Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man
07. VARN Industries - Morgana Jones
08. VARN Industries - Elementary Geography Of Kenny Rogers Roasters

The Gambler [D. Schlitz] . I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again [R. VanHoy, D. Cook, C. Putnam] . Making Music For Money [A. Harvey] . She Believes In Me [S. Gibb] . Tennessee Bottle [J. Richey] . Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man [J. Silbar, S. Lober] . Morgana Jones [K. Rogers] . Elementary Geography Of Kenny Rogers Roasters [music: MAN3] remix: MAN3 .

Produced by MAN3 / Arranged and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto / Thank you: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Kenny Rogers, 1200 Micrograms, Batrick's Spy Kit, The Chemical Brothers, Infected Mushroom, KMFDM & Skold, Marilyn Manson, The Residents, William Shatner, Skinny Puppy, Unkle, Velvet Acid Christ, Raymond Watts, X-Files / Original version of "Elementary Geography Of The Afterlife" appears on VARN Industries Volume IX: Life Begins When Winter Ends / VARN Catalogue Number: 0902 / "It doesn't make sense for the rabbit to have the gun." - Karen /

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