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Batrick's Spy Kit: Songs For The Ambulance Bay

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Batrick's Spy Kit: Songs For The Ambulance Bay
This is the seventh
Batrick's Spy Kit album, recorded in 2006.

01. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledbhjfthfugb
02. Batrick's Spy Kit - Club Mix
03. Batrick's Spy Kit - Deuce + Batrick (Captain Skyhook Remix)
04. Batrick's Spy Kit - Ewer Shit
05. Batrick's Spy Kit - For An Even Newer CD
06. Batrick's Spy Kit - Gangsta Mutha
07. Batrick's Spy Kit - Haters Mix
08. Batrick's Spy Kit - Newestmuther Fucka
09. Batrick's Spy Kit - Optic Nerve
10. Batrick's Spy Kit - Optic Nerve.Extacy Mix
11. Batrick's Spy Kit - Sinphony Mix
12. Batrick's Spy Kit - Snake Eyes And Sissies
13. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledfuck U Pussy
14. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitled3new Remix
15. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledbizath
16. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledgangsta2ci
17. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledddoooggggg Waariors The Return
18. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledrapbeat
19. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitlednew
20. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitledtrancey
21. Batrick's Spy Kit - Untitlednew$2
----Bonus Track
22. Magitekno - Mutation (Remix)

Untitledbhjfthfugb [music: Batrick] . Club Mix [music: Batrick] . Deuce + Batrick (Captain Skyhook Remix) [music: Batrick] remix:
MAN3; vocals: M. Nalley . Ewer Shit [music: Batrick] . For An Even Newer CD [music: Batrick] . Gangsta Mutha [music: Batrick] . Haters Mix [music: Batrick] . Newestmuther Fucka [music: Batrick] . Optic Nerve [music: Batrick, MAN3] additional programming, vocals: MAN3; contains an excerpt from "The Heretic Anthem" [lyrics and music: Slipknot] performed by VARN Industries . Optic Nerve.Extacy Mix [music: Batrick] . Sinphonymix [music: Batrick] remix: Batrick . Snake Eyes And Sissies [lyrics: M. Manson/music: M.W. Gacy, D. Berkowitz, G. Gein] vocals: Lucipurr, MAN3; additional programming: MAN3 . Untitledfuck U Pussy [music: Batrick] . Untitled3new Remix [music: Batrick] remix: Batrick . Untitledbizath [music: Batrick] . Untitledgangsta2ci [lyrics and music: Batrick] additional voices: MAN3; musical inspiration: the dog-warriors . Untitledddoooggggg Waariors The Return [music: Batrick] additional drums: dancing cacti . Untitledrapbeat [music: Batrick] additional musical inspiration: Deuce . Untitlednew [music: Batrick] . Untitledtrancey [music: Batrick] . Untitlednew$2 [music: Batrick] . Mutation (Remix) [music: Magitek] remix: Batrick .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by Batrick, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Oak Manor, Tampa / Thank you: Deuce, Lucipurr, Magitekno, MAN3, Mark Nalley, Marilyn Manson / Original versions of "Deuce + Batrick" & "Sinphony" appear on the Batrick's Spy Kit album A Book Without Words / Original version of "Untitled3" appears on the Batrick's Spy Kit album Zzzzzz / "Untitledddoooggggg Waariors The Return" & "Untitledgangsta2ci" were recorded during the Preliminary 2C-I Study held at Oak Manor, Tampa and The Toxic Jungle, Tampa on 05-23-06 by MAN3 & Batrick / Original version of "The Heretic Anthem" appears on VARN Industries Volume VI: Original Material / Original version of "Mutation" appears on the Magitekno album Magitek's Totally Baked Album /

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